15 Best Destinations For Your Next Yoga Travel

You are passionate about both yoga and traveling. Why not enjoy both of them and have yourself a merry little yoga travel? Well, you just got to the right place! This post will take you places where finding inner peace and balance with the universe is really easy to find. Here we have put together a list of the best locations on this planet where you can unwind and enjoy the perfect yoga trip. So, let’s get to it!

1. India

Place of birth of the art called yoga, India couldn’t be other than the very first destination for all you yogis. Here you can get the chance to join small group classes and to learn the secrets of yoga straight from the sources of it. In India, you can find plenty of yoga retreats where sessions might last up to 10 days.

2. Thailand

Aah, Siam! Paradise on earth and one of the most spiritual countries in Asia, Thailand is a paradise for those travelers looking for a rest from a crowded reality. Best spots for yogis are north: the area around Chang Mai, Chang Rai and the Golden Triangle (which is the point where 3 Asian countries meet). The Northern part of Thailand is home to beautiful and calm landscapes, perfect for you to meditate. Be careful when returning to civilization because Bangkok can be pretty noisy even without days of meditation before visiting the city.

3. Cambodia

Travelling Cambodia will see you encounter one of the most tranquil and calm population you can find on earth. Cambodians are beautiful and welcoming people who always smile despite their not so pretty past. Let them inspire you at one of their traditional afternoon meditation sessions.

Woman doing yoga on beach

4. Fiji

A superb landscape for one of your best spiritual travel ever. Fiji is an incredible Pacific island and the population here is as welcoming as ever. Leave your everyday stress behind and take part in free yoga sessions at the beach.

5. New Zealand

From the top of the highest mountain to the golden beaches – New Zealand is a great destination for your yoga trip. Anywhere you go to, a great spot for your meditation is right there and waiting. Beware, up high on the mountain it can get really cold, no matter what season! Oh, and if you happen to have nerd blood in your veins, you can imagine you’re meditating in Middle Earth.

Woman doing yoga at hotel

6. Tonga

Another paradise in the Pacific Ocean is the island called Tonga. The location looks absolutely chilled and calm by itself, a perfect surrounding for your spiritual trip. In Tonga, you can join many multiple days Yoga courses or Yoga classes.

7. France

One of the best places for your yoga trip in Europe sits in France. Any location in the country has the right vibe – but I suggest sticking to the Alps, for the right mood and view. Up there you can breathe the purest air, eat fresh and healthy food and get down to some deep meditation. If you’re a Christian, you might try some soul searching in one of the many monasteries of this country.

8. Norway

Even the Scandi countries – despite their climate – are warm and welcoming to all yogis from all around the world. We strongly advise you to harmonize your mind and body while looking at the awe-inspiring views of the fjords. Even better, you can challenge yourself in a hardcore yoga session in the snow!

9. Portugal

The furthest west country in Europe is also a great destination for your spiritual travels. Here you have the chance to alternate yoga to one of Portugal’s most famous sport: surfing! Don’t forget to visit beautiful cities like Porto, Lisbon and Coimbra for a better taste of this amazing country.

10. South Africa

Going through rocky mountains, golden beaches and deserts – South Africa makes for a great stop on your yoga travels. Do not miss out on swimming where the two oceans – Atlantic and Indian – meet. Also, visit the bigger cities to learn more on South African history and culture.

11. Madagascar

A tropical island catering for different activities. Start your yoga trip with some meditation on a golden beach. Head to the inland to join a lemur safari. Back to the coast to some fun with aquatic sports. Anywhere you go, Madagascar will award you with spiritual gifts.

12. Senegal

A spiritual trip to the west coast of Africa is a great opportunity for those seeking some peace and tranquility. Senegal – nonetheless its capital city Dakar – is a small vibrant and colorful country, catering all of its best to your yoga travels.

13. Mexico

The central American region is well known to be mysterious, mystic and spiritual. On the side of your yoga classes and sessions, find out a bit more about the Mexican beliefs and culture. If you dont want anyone to distorb you, dig yourself into a poncho and under a sombrero. wish to enjoy

Man doing yoga at waterfall

14. Costa Rica

A land of green lush, Costa Rica is one of the happiest places on Earth. No kidding, this was the truthful result of a research conducted at the beginning of this century. Costa Rica’s gorgeous landscape will help you reach your inner peace for sure.

15. Colorado

You might wonder what has Colorado to do with yoga and meditation? Well, I guess you have never heard of ARISE festival. You haven’t? This is one of the biggest annual festivals and takes place in a farm north of Denver. A two-day session of meditation, live music and yoga that sees many passionate yoga fans gathering together every year. If you happen to be 420 friendly, you should definitely try out a new craze from Colorado – yoga while high.

Feeling inspired? Pack your mat, your yoga pants and get going!
There is plenty of amazing spots on the road for you to get down to business and so some serious yoga and soul-searching.

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15 Best Destinations For Your Next Yoga Travel


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