Fast, Warm And Healthy Breakfast Avocados

It’s recipe time! This time we’d like to share with you a simple avocado dish with eggs and salami. Your breakfast avocados take just 10 minutes to prepare and 20 minutes to be cooked. After all that pretty much non-existent trouble you’re all set to have a healthy breakfast full of nutrients and energy.

If you’re more of a cereal fan in the mornings, worry not! This dish could also be the main star of a healthy avocado dinner.

So let’s grab our knives, pre-heat the oven and get down to serve some warm avocado realness!

Here’s what you need

  • Four avocados – that should be sufficient to make a light breakfast for four persons
  • Leek – alternatives can be spring onion or chives
  • Salami – you can also use pepperoni, bacon or any sausage you have in the fridge
  • Eggs – in our case we had three eggs, but that depends on the size of the avocados
  • Cherry tomatoes – a handful is more than enough

Here’s how you do it

Wash your avocados and cut them in half. You should also slice off a little bit off the bottom, so your avocados stay in place while preparing and cooking them. Chop the leek into tiny pieces. The very same goes for Cherry tomatoes.

Fry the salami until crisp. Drain the extra fat if necessary. Mix the fried salami with leeks and tomatoes. Congrats, you have your filling. Place it into avocado halves with a spoon.

Beat the eggs in a bowl and don’t forget to add some salt and pepper. Pour the eggs into your avocados. If it seems that there isn’t enough room in the avocados, feel free to scoop some more space for the filling.

If you followed the instructions carefully, you’re just a step from a healthy meal. Of course, that’s the oven time. Usually, our avocados are done within 20 minutes at 425 degrees (220 Celsius).

Here are some suggestions for serving the meal

This time we decided to go with some noodles, but we can see some golden brown roast potatoes also working well with the avocados. Keep in mind though, that potatoes take significantly more time to cook than noodles. If you desire something fresh, then a salsa would be Sloth’s first choice closely followed by simple onion and tomato salad.

Feel also free to experiment with different cheeses and sauces. Sloth’s favorite combo was parmesan cheese and a few drops of mayonnaise. Don’t judge us :).

Hope you enjoy this healthy breakfast.
If you tried it and liked it feel free to share it with your friends also. Bon appetit!



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Fast, Warm And Healthy Breakfast Avocados


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