New Life For Old T-shirts. 7 DIY Ideas For Old T-shirts

New Life For Old T-shirts. 7 DIY Ideas For Old T-shirts

We think it was Socrates who said: “I wear a T-shirt. Therefore I feel comfortable”. Maybe not, Sloth wasn’t there. Back to our topic – old T-shirts. We all have them, and we all wear them. Usually, everything goes smoothly for the shirt until it meets some red wine. Then, some T-shirts have been too many times to the gym with you. Drips of paint on your Nirvana T-shirt? OK, that sounds pretty awesome.

Anyways, one or few of your T-shirts are tired and dead. Long live the T-Shirts! There’s quite a lot DIY action going on when it comes to old T-shirts and cutting them. So let’s see what T-Shirt DIY is happening out there.

1. Renew T-shirt and wear it like it’s new!

Grab a pair of scissors, needle and thread, hot glue gun and a handful of glitter. It’s time to get to some serious crafting. The possibilities here don’t just have to stop with adding some elements to a shirt. The result can be a dress or a skirt as well! “So how to renew your T-shirt?”, You might ask. Awesome-awesome list with different T-shirt DIY ideas can be found at

Renew T-shirt
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2. Shirt becomes scarves, necklaces and bracelets

If the T-shirt is beyond repairable as instructed in last entry, its time to grab for the scissors. Fear not, no T-shirts will be killed. It’s more like a situation of moth turning into a butterfly or ugly duckling reaching that gorgeous swan level. Yes, we’re talking about something new in your scarf collection and jewelry stand. Some tutorials and inspiration from scarves at

Scarf made out of T-shirt
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3. Or maybe a unique shopping bag

By this time there’s probably more plastic in the oceans than there is water. That’s horrible! So what could you do? You can start from baby steps. For example, you’ll never have to buy another plastic bag when shopping for groceries. In addition to the environmental factor, there’s also a fashion bonus – it’s guaranteed there’s no other shopping bag like yours (Volleyball Summer Camp 1999). A full tutorial is waiting for you at

Shopping bag made out of T-shirt
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4. Transform old T-shirt into a quilt

Lot of us haven’t use pajamas or nightgown for ages. The reason is simple – T-shirts of course. They’re comfortable and usually within reach of hand when you need it. Here’s a neat trick how you can have tens of T-shirts on your bed all the time. You can’t wear them, though. We’re talking about decorating your bedroom here, bed itself to be more specific. It’s easy as hell to turn your old T-shirts into one of a kind quilt or a pillow cover. Instructions for crafting can be found at DIYNetwork for pillows and  quilt tutorial at good old

Pillowcases made out of old T-shirts
Image from DIYNetwork

5. Make a T-carpet

We at firmly believe that a room could not possibly be cozy without a carpet. Even the most worn-out rug can give a place that homey feeling. Before you rush to the carpet store, have a look at the bottom of your T-shirt drawer. That’s usually the hangout for those T-shirt who haven’t seen the daylight for months. Grab your scissors and warm up your weaving skills because the payout will be glorious – one of a kind T-shirt carpet to decorate your home. Learn how to make a T-rug at

Carpet made out of old T-shirts
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6. Frame them for art gallery at your home

This slot on the list is reserved for very special T-shirts. We would offer the framing treatment for maybe a shirt from a concert your favorite band was in town back in 2001. Or perhaps you got a T-shirt as a gift from a loved person, and therefore it also deserves to be presented as a piece of art. Act now, purchase a picture frame and cut some T-shirts. A how-to tutorial, if needed, was made by Erin of

Framed T-shirts
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7. Wear them until there’s nothing left but dust and threads

Some shirts are just too grow on you to just throw them away with potato peels and toenails. It doesn’t matter where you got them; these old T-shirts are more than just piece of clothing, they’re part of you. So wear them with pride until there’s just a piece of cloth and two sleeves left. Only then it’s time to let go. Sloth recommends you a Viking funeral or something related to fireworks and fanfares.

Super old T-shirt

May your T-shirts live long and prosper even when they’re gone.
Vibrant crafting y’all!


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New Life For Old T-shirts. 7 DIY Ideas For Old T-shirts


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