Top 10 Destinations For A Perfect Winter Getaway

Winter vacation

We don’t know how you feel about the winter coming up. Sloth honestly can’t wait to get off on some new adventures, perhaps in a warmer place. 

Are you wondering where to go this winter, just packing shorts and sunscreen – no scarves or gloves!? Check out Sloth’s Top 10 destinations to escape from the cold and to find your perfect winter getaway!


1. Maldives

When sloth hears the word Maldives, it can’t help but thinking about paradise! Sloth sees long white beaches, some chiringuitos on the sand and beautiful clear blue water. Maldives is, in fact, a group of islands and you just have plenty of choices to fit your vacation for your taste. Consider planning a medium-large budget as resorts in Maldives are quite pricey!


2. Australia

Travelling down under is a perfect trip to warm up in winter months. November to March is definitely the best season to visit Australia, warm in the south and dry up north. Australia is a massive country and a lifetime is not enough to visit it all. On the other hand, there is so much to see and to do there to meet everyone’s interests. Plan your time well and your itinerary wisely.


3. Thailand

This beautiful pearl in South East Asia is a cheap destination and a perfect getaway for your winter holidays. It caters to all your needs: from paradise-like islands to the huge metropolis of Bangkok; from the peace of the temples to the party mood of backpackers areas. Thailand is a beautiful country, and it is well worth a visit. Find out about their culture or even join a cooking class to learn more about Thai cuisine.


4. Cuba

Being the central hub of the Caribbean, a trip to Cuba makes unforgettable memories. Catch a ride on one of Havana’s famous old-fashioned cars, visit a tobacco factory or an art museum. Cuba is one of the best places to visit in winter: do not forget to soak up some sun before getting back to the cold weather of north.


5. Indonesia

There are so many different islands here that you could visit a different one every winter! Start with the biggest Java and Bali, both famous for the sandy beaches and the Buddhist temples. Take your time to enjoy the best season in Indonesia, which fits exactly in our colder months. This beautiful weather will make Indonesia your perfect winter getaway.


6. Kenya

Africa is well known to be extremely sunny and hot. The best time to visit is, in fact, our winter season, when the temperature isn’t too hard to stand. Visit Kenya for an amazing landscape. Join a safari and watch the wildlife in the infamous Tsavo National Park; visit the capital city Nairobi and its museums and wildlife parks; chill and have a drink on a stunning beach near Mombasa. Kenya has plenty to offer to warm your heart, and it’s a great chance to escape winter!


7. Dubai

The richest city on Earth, this metropolis only popped out in the modern era. Dubai is in fact the capital city of one of the seven United Arab Emirates. Considering that Dubai is located in the Middle East, in a desertic area, it is not too hard to imagine what’s the weather like: hot and dry! Don’t be surprised by air-conditioned bus stops or indoor skiing facilities: Dubai is a sort of Wonderland for grown-ups. Enjoy the luxury – which is cheaper than what you would expect – and keep warm in the sun.


8. Jamaica

Getting back to the Caribbeans, Jamaica deserves a spot in the top 10. Wondering why? Let us tell you about golden sand, turquoise water, a chilled vibe and familiar Bob Marley’s songs in the background. Aren’t you convinced yet? November marks the end of the hurricanes season, leaving room for a beautiful warm weather. All of the above is what makes Jamaica your perfect winter getaway!


9. Philippines

With a great weather all year long – Philippines is, in fact, one of the most desirable warm places in winter. Many islands cater for more tastes and budgets. The adventurous like Sloth does not want to miss out on riding one of the longest ziplines in the world – down south, in the Seven Falls Park. Plenty of sightseeing in Manila or Puerto Princesa. Get to the coasts if you want to relax – there are a million gorgeous spots to choose from.

Canary Islands

10. Canary Islands

Did you know that you can visit a warm place in winter which is technically Europe? Yeah, we’re talking about the Canary Islands. A 4-hour flight from the mainland will take you to a small Spanish archipelagos, also known as “The Islands of Never Ending Spring.” Famous islands like Fuerteventura, Tenerife and Lanzarote are beautiful winter getaways for Europeans and Americans alike. In fact, they are sort of Europe’s own Hawaii :).

Don’t freeze yourself this winter: pack up and leave for some wonderful warm adventures!

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10 Perfect Destinations For Winter Getaway


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