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7 Cocktails in Red, White, and Blue to Celebrate the 4th of July with a Bang!

Last time when Sloth did research on cocktails we were getting green and ready for St. Patrick’s. This time we present you more fireworks, after all, it’s, 4th of...

3 Boat Trips of Malta You Should Definitely Experience

Malta, being an island and all, is just the right place where you should think about some boat trips. Fortunately, there’s no shortage of boats and merry seamen who...

7 St. Patrick’s Cocktails (Warning! Hangovers Might Occur)

March 17, the day we're all little bit Irish. It doesn't matter we have no red hair or any Irish heritage whatsoever. It is a day to dance to...

Raisin Bun Nutella Sliders With Fruits (Or Candies, Your Choice)

Now, who the hell said that burgers or sliders, more specifically, have to have meat, cheese and other burgery stuff for ingredients? What if we ditch all those classic...

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