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22 Weird and Fun Food Holidays in August

August is considered to be the last month of summer. Don’t let that piece of depressing information bring you down – there’s a load of tasty food holidays taking...

12 Weird and Fun Food Holidays in June

If we May, let's eat ourselves into June! There are many delicious food holidays in the first real summer month you can turn into cute date ideas. If you're...

11 Weird and Fun Food Holidays in April

Here we all are, happy bunch of winter survivors! So, what would be the best way to greet springtime? As usual, the answer is eating and celebrating the National...

10 Weird and Fun Food Holidays in March

Sloth friggin’ loves March! In Northern Europe, it means that winter is making room for spring and finally we get rid of all that snow and sub-zero temperatures. Other...

15 Cute And Crazy Hats And Scarves For Wacky Winter Look

The winter is usually a mixture of pitch black nights and white snow – pretty basic, right? So there's your chance to stand out and wear the hell out...

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