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Clutter free home

Clutter begone! 7 Easy DIY Hacks for Organizing Your Home

/Living Room & Bedroom Edition/ The cluttered and unorganized home reflects heavily on our moods as well. And that's just the reason we've gathered some nice DIY hacks for organizing...
New Life For Old T-shirts. 7 DIY Ideas For Old T-shirts

New Life For Old T-shirts. 7 DIY Ideas For Old T-shirts

We think it was Socrates who said: “I wear a T-shirt. Therefore I feel comfortable”. Maybe not, Sloth wasn’t there. Back to our topic - old T-shirts. We all...
Paper crafting

5 Beautiful Paper Decorations For Christmas

Did you know that you can decorate your home for Christmas with just paper! The best part - making ornaments with just glue, paper and scissors is just as...
Strange christmas ornament

10 Christmas Decorations Made Of Extremely Usual Objects

You know what they say about one man's trash being other's Christmas decorations. Yeah, that was bit harsh, but also somewhat true. You sure don't have to spend tons...

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