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22 Weird and Fun Food Holidays in August

August is considered to be the last month of summer. Don’t let that piece of depressing information bring you down – there’s a load of tasty food holidays taking...

18 Weird and Fun Food Holidays in July

How about we start with good news for those who want to dedicate a whole month to one and only food. Here you go, July happens to be: - National...

12 Weird and Fun Food Holidays in June

If we May, let's eat ourselves into June! There are many delicious food holidays in the first real summer month you can turn into cute date ideas. If you're...

10 Weird and Fun Food Holidays in May

Summer is nearly here and we're probably all too skinny from the harsh winter. So what better way to gain some pounds for that perfect beach body than to...

10 Incredibly Fun Co-op Video Games for Couples

❤ Sloth loves gaming, and we’re proud to call it our hobby. This time we would like to share you some of the best games you can play together with...

11 Weird and Fun Food Holidays in April

Here we all are, happy bunch of winter survivors! So, what would be the best way to greet springtime? As usual, the answer is eating and celebrating the National...

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