Sweet Potato Casserole With Sausage And Bell Peppers

Sweet potato dish

We have the honor to introduce you to our sweet potato, sausage and bell pepper casserole. This healthy and tasty recipe blesses our taste buds pretty much every week. Sloths feminine and prettier half, Triin, has even gone that far to call this rustic dish her favorite food in the world. Yup, a simple sweet potato casserole.

Want to find out how to make the dish? No problem, Sloth is here to show you the secrets of this easy sweet potato deliciousness.

Sweet potato dish ingridents

Here’s what you need

2 medium-sized sweet potatoes
600 gr (1 1/3 lbs) of sausage (Any breakfast or German-style sausages should be excellent)
2 large bell peppers
1 large onion
few handfuls green beans
3 garlic cloves
150 ml (0.65 cups) of chili sauce
Salt and pepper
Any herbs of your choice

Sweet potato dish ready to go into the oven

Here’s how you do it

  1. Peel the sweet potatoes, onions and bell peppers
  2. Chop your ingredients up into cubes. The result shouldn’t be too fine. Neither should your vegetables be too big chunks a la “chop it into two.”
  3. Put the ingredients into a large bowl. Add salt and pepper, herbs and chili sauce. Mix everything up real good.
  4. Put the well-mixed ingredients into a medium size oven bowl with a lid. If you don’t have the lid, go for the good old tinfoil.
  5. Place the oven bowl with your dinner into a pre-heated oven (400 degrees). Bake it for 40 minutes. Give the food a gentle stir at about 20 minutes.
  6. After 40 minutes remove the lid give your meal another 15 minutes of oven time. This guarantees the vaporization of excess water and that golden brown crisp on top.

Sweet poptato dish served

Some tips for serving the casserole

Usually, the first recommendation of this section is “Cheese.” This recipe isn’t an exception so all you cheese lovers, grate your favorite cheese up and sprinkle it on the casserole like there’s no tomorrow.

“How about some sauces on the side?” You might ask. “Totally” is Sloth’s short answer. Our personal favorites are sour cream and mayonnaise. If you have that extra time on your hands, we’d recommend to invest it into making some tartar sauce. Ketchup and barbeque sauce are also perfectly good if you desire those flavors.

That’s it! This easy to fix, healthy and oh so delicious casserole is one of the cornerstones of Sloth’s menu. Try it out!


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