5 Beautiful Paper Decorations For Christmas

Paper crafting

Did you know that you can decorate your home for Christmas with just paper! The best part – making ornaments with just glue, paper and scissors is just as easy as playing a game of rock-paper-scissors. Cutting and gluing is fun as well so get your family together and spend some productive quality time together.

To illustrate the process of making the ornaments we made some videos as well. Hope they assist you on your way to become the master of paper. Let’s get going then!

Small 3D paper stars

Star has been a well-known symbol of the Christmas since day one. So it isn’t a huge surprise that we’ll kick this list of tutorials off with the cutest red stars. Since they’re relatively easy to make, you’ll need just a few hours to fill your whole home with them (few days for the whole town and a week for the Milky Way galaxy). Just remember that if you are planning to make bigger star-ornaments, it might be smart to keep hot glue gun close-by. Hang them on your tree, tie them together for a garland or maybe fill a nice-looking glass jar with them.

Modern Christmas onion Face Savouring Delicious Food on Apple iOS 11.1

Next up are cute modern-looking ornaments. While not looking most interesting in the world, they’re most definitely easiest to make. In fact, we believe that it’s one of the first ornaments they make in kindergartens all around the world. Don’t let that stop you because in its beautiful simplicity these ornaments can still bring the joy of holidays to your home. So let’s get those first five strips glued together then!

Miracular Christmas swirl

Let us tell you a secret: there’s no actual magic in this swirl. All you need is just some basic-level craftsmanship and the holy trinity of this list – paper, glue and scissors. Cut, swirl, glue and repeat. These paper ornaments suit especially well to suit up your Christmas tree.

Paper bowtie

Time to take a bow and tie it up. That pun was terrible. To make that up let us present you this beautiful paper bowtie. While incredibly easy to make this decoration still looks like a fine masterpiece. There are no limitations to where to place them – you can even decorate your kids or pets. The best part is that you can use these bowties all-year-round by attaching them to birthday presents or cards for example. (Printable layout for 2 ribbons)

Big 3D Snowflakes

We started the list with stars and we’re going to end it with a star as well. This one is a true masterpiece of our paper decorations, guaranteed to catch the attention of your guests. To master this 3D paper star you need to practice it few times but when you get it, you’re set for life when it comes to Christmas decorations.

So what do you think? Ready for some cheap, easy to make and beautiful DIY project?
Let us know how it turned out. Have a nice time folding and gluing, friends!



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5 Beautiful paper Decorations For Christmas


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