Raisin Bun Nutella Sliders With Fruits (Or Candies, Your Choice)

Nutella sliders, here we go! Who the hell said that burgers or sliders, more specifically, have to have meat, cheese and other burgery stuff for ingredients? ? Keywords: Nutella, Nutella recipes, Nutella sliders, Nutella desserts, Nutella cake, Nutella cookies, Nutella pancakes, Easy dessert, Simple dessert, Homemade, Super Bowl Snacks

Now, who the hell said that burgers or sliders, more specifically, have to have meat, cheese and other burgery stuff for ingredients? What if we ditch all those classic burger components and replace them with delicious dessert stuff? You know, just to make a dessert that is awesome while eating it alone in front of the TV and sexy enough to serve it at your next cocktail party. Consider it done!

Now, let’s open a jar of creamy Nutella and put those raisin buns in the oven. Nutella sliders are arriving in 30 minutes max. Choo-Choo, sweet tooths!

Here’s what you need

Yeast dough – shouldn’t be too hard to find from your local supermarket. If you’re in an extra lazy mode, you can try to find oven-ready raisin buns.

Want to make the dough yourself? Fine by Sloth. All the ingredients for the yeast dough and detailed instructions are waiting for you HERE. Don’t forget to add some sugar and a handful (or three) of raisins.

Fruits, any kind will do! Sloth decided to go for apples, bananas, gooseberries and cherries this time but that’s just what we had at home this moment. So feel free to enjoy the fruits and berries of your choice. If you absolutely despise all kind of fruits, feel free to use bacon or even regular burger meat. Sloth is tolerant when it comes to weird tastes, so we’re not going to judge you here.

Nutella – it’s hard to make Nutella sliders without the main ingredient. The world’s favorite brand of sweetened hazelnut cocoa spread since 1960’s.

Here’s how you make Nutella sliders

It’s time to put the raisin rolls in the preheated oven. Bake the buns at a temperature of 420 °F (220 °C) for 10 minutes. Take the pastries out and brush them with the egg to give them nice looks. Bake the buns for another 5 to 10 minutes until they’re golden brown.

Now comes the fun and easy part – assembling your dessert burgers. Cut the buns in half, spread Nutella on the cut side of the bun and fill your sliders with sliced fruit of your choice.

Be sure you cut the fruits into slices that fit the size of the rolls. Otherwise, your filling might slide away from between your sliders and create a piece of Nutella art on your clothes. This might turn out OK, like Jackson Pollock, you know. Still, Sloth thinks it might not be worth the risk.

That’s it, no more steps left except the best part – the fine art of eating your masterpiece.

Sweet Nutella Sliders with Apples, Cherries and Bananas

Here are some tips for serving the sliders

If there are a time and place for a glass of milk, then this would be it. If you aren’t the biggest fan of plain milk have a milkshake made of your favorite ice cream and juice.

There’s also a possibility to enjoy the sliders with a hot cup of coffee or tea. In that case, you can use the milk mentioned above to lighten up your drink (if that’s your cup of tea, Badum Tss!).

Powdered sugar – looks good so why the hell not! This step is more expected when serving the sliders at a party, but hey, you can have a fancy sugared burger while home alone also.

And finally, there’s ice cream that is known to be a perfect match for almost any dessert. Here you might get a little creative when serving the ice cream since it is more than certain that things will get messy when melting ice cream and Nutella meet.

Sloth hopes you all enjoyed our sweet mini-burgers and shared them with your friends and family.

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