We’re Digital Nomads, Finally! First stop: Phuket, Thailand.

First stop: Phuket, Thailand.

Straight outta office to see the world

We are finally fulfilling our dream and trying out that great digital nomad lifestyle everyone is talking about. It was a huge relief when our employers gave us the opportunity to try out distant work, and that was the main green light we needed to head abroad.

Since one of the main reasons for our workation was to escape the dark and cold winter of Estonia our destination had to be something opposite. We’re both interested in Asian food and culture, so it was a no-brainer to head out to explore South-East Asia. In addition to excellent weather conditions, there was also a nice financial bonus thanks to low local prices and no heating bills eating away our monthly budget.

So. Where do we go?
How, about Thailand?

After thinking about our first destination for a while, we decided to take a safe bet with Phuket, Thailand. A place where even astronomically drunk Russians and elderly British grandmothers can find their ways for a safe vacation. While we worried about lots of things (from temperature to different diseases), we’ll get a bit ahead of ourselves and say that Phuket treated us wonderfully.

Thailand - the safe option

Hello Phuket, Our New Home!

When we drove to our Airbnb at Kathu town with our super helpful host Manop, it was still dark, so we didn’t get to see much of the island to form our first impressions. As we unpacked it was dawning, so we headed out to the balcony to look what’s waiting for us. We weren’t disappointed – the rising sun revealed a green mountain range around us and showed us dozens of palm trees each one carrying a dozen coconuts. We zipped our rum and cola we bought from Istanbul and stood in silence only broken by birds looking for breakfast and crickets making their last chirps and getting ready to become breakfast. Not too shabby for the first impressions.

The best part? We knew we had over three weeks of that idyllic atmosphere ahead of us.

Welcome To Our Crib

The apartment we lived in was housed in a large condo building at the Kathu district. Besides the balcony, there was a small sized bedroom where there was enough room for clothes on the floor, a chair, and a nice double bed. Also, an AC unit which turned out to be one of our best friend and closest ally. In a simple living room area, there was a minimalistic desk, couch for two and a TV with 30 something Thai channels.

Bathroom and kitchen were also decent so no point of stopping there too much. In conclusion, we were quite pleased with our headquarters for the weeks to come.

Kathu District

Kathu District Is A Great Place To Stay!

The same could be said about the area where we happened to be the newest residents. Kathu is a larger district situated in a greener area between Patong and Phuket City. At first, we were a bit worried if there are enough shops and restaurants around. That fear was completely unnecessary. There were at least ten restaurants in half a mile radius. Phew! And even better — a vibrant street food market every day from 4 pm to midnight. There were also some convenience stores open 24/7, so we weren’t destined to die of hunger here.

Food was on the cheap side and delicious with a few exceptions we eliminated from our menu with some trial and error. Our favorites we’re the Quick Burger run by a cool Belgian guy and a Dim Sum place where the breakfast and lunch quickly became our daily ritual.

Kathu District

Time To See Rest Of Phuket

True, it was a bit tricky to get to other areas of the island by foot from Kathu. That was the reason we boosted local taxi scene for our first days. On the third day, we decided to rent a bike and boy, did that turn out to be a complete game changer?! Phuket was open to us with all its beaches and cultural sites, restaurants and scenic roads between the sea and jungle.

Then there were the locals. Wow! So much friendly people who compensated their lack of English with smiles. We answered with gestures and modern dance and got everything talked quite fluently.

Stay With Us, There’s More To Come

Sorry about the somewhat chaotic description of our first impressions :). Writing these lines took us back to these few days in Asia full of new smells, sounds, and tastes.

This is our first post about Asia so stay with us to get more stories about our travels. Big hugs your way!


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