Fast And Easy Pasta Dinner For One

This post looks a lot like a recipe but is actually a description of a situation when Sloth’s groceries were very limited. We were lucky the items mixed so well and turned into a lovely pasta dinner perfect for one person. So let’s get to it.

Here’s what you need (here’s what we had)

  • A handful of pasta – pretty much any shapes and size will do (except maybe lasagne sheets)
  • Leek – like in our avocado recipe, alternatives can be spring onion or chives
  • Salami – any sort of sausage, ham or meat will do. Vegans can go with their favorite friable vegetable
  • Some cherry tomatoes

Here’s how you do it

Boil the pasta in salted water. The perfect saltiness should be the same as in the Mediterranian sea. Next time when you’re there, have a sip. Boil until al dente – that allows you to fry pasta later without turning it into mush.

While the pasta is boiling, it’s time to fry the salami which you should chop before.

When your sausage is showing first signs of crispiness add chopped leek and tomatoes. Stir fry the mixture for a minute or so before adding pasta. Pasta should also get about a minute of frying time.

That’s it – pasta dinner is ready and you’re pretty much ready to feast.

We know we didn’t invent the wheel right here, but we sure hope we inspired you at least a little bit :). Bon appetit!

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Fast And Easy Pasta Dinner For One


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