Boat trips in malta

3 Boat Trips of Malta You Should Definitely Experience

Malta, being an island and all, is just the right place where you should think about some boat trips. Fortunately, there’s no shortage of boats and merry seamen who...
Tallinn - Gates of Viru

8 Fun Things To Do In and Near Tallinn In Wintertime

Estonia and its capital Tallinn is where Sloth resides when not exploring the world. Since we haven’t done much globetrotting as Vibrant Sloth yet, we found it appropriate to...

15 Best Destinations For Your Next Yoga Travel

You are passionate about both yoga and traveling. Why not enjoy both of them and have yourself a merry little yoga travel? Well, you just got to the right...
Harbor of Malta

6 Things We’re Definitely Going to Do when in Malta

For Sloth it's been almost a year full of work and no proper vacation. That's going to change in May when we're going to visit Malta. Wheeee! To be...
Winter vacation

Top 10 Destinations For A Perfect Winter Getaway

We don’t know how you feel about the winter coming up. Sloth honestly can’t wait to get off on some new adventures, perhaps in a warmer place.  Are you wondering where...

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