Happy couple

5 “Shut Up” Moments In Relationships

Talking with your partner is a fundamental part of a healthy relationship. But there are also some moments when choosing the quiet way is a right path to follow....

7 Anti-Valentine’s Date Ideas For Edgy Couples

Valentine's day – a whole day in February dedicated to love, romance, hearts, roses and chocolate. We all love that day, don’t we, right? Nope, not really! There are...
Girl on phone

5 Signs You Should Take A Break From Instagram

First of all, we don't have anything against Instagram, quite the opposite – we're just getting started! It's nice to have a platform to keep up with an old...
Most popular New Year’s Resolutions

Most popular New Year’s Resolutions – Books and Apps Edition

A new year is here. Hip-Hip-Hooray! Now that the parties have calmed down, it’s time to concentrate on those new year's resolutions most of us set for ourselves. We...
Girl on christmas

5 Things To Do When You’re Spending Christmas Alone

At the end of the Christmas day, it doesn't matter if you're alone on the holidays by choice or unfortunate circumstances. You're spending Christmas alone and that's the hard...

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