Happy couple

5 “Shut Up” Moments In Relationships

Talking with your partner is a fundamental part of a healthy relationship. But there are also some moments when choosing the quiet way is a right path to follow....
Most popular New Year’s Resolutions

Most popular New Year’s Resolutions – Books and Apps Edition

A new year is here. Hip-Hip-Hooray! Now that the parties have calmed down, it’s time to concentrate on those new year's resolutions most of us set for ourselves. We...

7 Sweet Kissing Rituals for Couples to Keep Your Relationship Alive and Happy

More kisses = healthier relationship Kissing happens to play a fundamental role in relationships. Unfortunately, it’s quite easy to forget if you’re drowning in work, dealing with daily chores or...
5 Tasty Date Ideas. No Restaurants!

5 Tasty Date Ideas. No Restaurants!

What if we told you that you could have a date full of good tastes and awesome food without going to a restaurant. Yeah, it might sound a bit...
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5 Signs You Should Take A Break From Instagram

First of all, we don't have anything against Instagram, quite the opposite – we're just getting started! It's nice to have a platform to keep up with an old...

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