May food holidays

10 Weird and Fun Food Holidays in May

Summer is nearly here and we're probably all too skinny from the harsh winter. So what better way to gain some pounds for that perfect beach body than to...
Gaming console

10 Incredibly Fun Co-op Video Games for Couples

❤ Sloth loves gaming, and we’re proud to call it our hobby. This time we would like to share you some of the best games you can play together with...
April food holidays

11 Weird and Fun Food Holidays in April

Here we all are, happy bunch of winter survivors! So, what would be the best way to greet springtime? As usual, the answer is eating and celebrating the National...
Fun Food Holidays in March

10 Weird and Fun Food Holidays in March

Sloth friggin’ loves March! In Northern Europe, it means that winter is making room for spring and finally we get rid of all that snow and sub-zero temperatures. Other...

7 Anti-Valentine’s Date Ideas For Edgy Couples

Valentine's day – a whole day in February dedicated to love, romance, hearts, roses and chocolate. We all love that day, don’t we, right? Nope, not really! There are...
Weird And Fun Food-related Holidays In February

9 Weird and Fun Food Holidays in February

January has gone and here we are, in the month of February. So, are there any delicious holidays coming our way? You bet there is! Once again Sloth has...
Weird Food-related Holidays In January

Weird And Fun Food-related Holidays In January

Wrong are those who thought that all the feasting ends with Christmas and the arrival of the new year. The main reason is that January is full of wonderful...
5 Tasty Date Ideas. No Restaurants!

5 Tasty Date Ideas. No Restaurants!

What if we told you that you could have a date full of good tastes and awesome food without going to a restaurant. Yeah, it might sound a bit...
Xmas Games

Top 10 Most Wanted Video Games Of Christmas 2017

With the holiday season just around the corner, it’s time to get our wallets out and get shopping for gifts. It’s a fact that no matter what age a...
Couple with crazy hats

15 Cute And Crazy Hats And Scarves For Wacky Winter Look

The winter is usually a mixture of pitch black nights and white snow – pretty basic, right? So there's your chance to stand out and wear the hell out...
Girl on christmas

5 Things To Do When You’re Spending Christmas Alone

At the end of the Christmas day, it doesn't matter if you're alone on the holidays by choice or unfortunate circumstances. You're spending Christmas alone and that's the hard...
Popcorn and movies in winter

Top 12 Must-see Classic Winter Movies

Winter nights are dark, cold and seem to be endless. Luckily that's exactly the right time to set up your home cinema and dive into some of the best...

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