Fun Food Holidays in June

12 Weird and Fun Food Holidays in June

If we May, let's eat ourselves into June! There are many delicious food holidays in the first real summer month you can turn into cute date ideas. If you're...

Bundt Cake with Candied Orange Peels and Chocolate Glaze

Bundt cake, here we go! Today we eat cake! A beautiful round pound cake baked in a bundt pan sounds delicious, doesn't it? Sloth was thinking precisely the same thing,...
Weird Food-related Holidays In January

Weird And Fun Food-related Holidays In January

Wrong are those who thought that all the feasting ends with Christmas and the arrival of the new year. The main reason is that January is full of wonderful...
Vegan soup

10 Delicious Vegan Christmas Dinner Recipes

Turkey! Goose! Beef! Roasted pork! Those are some of the most popular answers when someone has to describe their Christmas menu. But what about doing something unusual (for the...
Hot Drinks

10 Boozy Hot Cocktails To Keep Your Winter Warm

As a kid, cold days meant warmіng mugs of hot chocolate and tea. Sloth stіll reaches for cocoa and warm cіder when іt gets cold, but nowadays we sometimes...
May food holidays

10 Weird and Fun Food Holidays in May

Summer is nearly here and we're probably all too skinny from the harsh winter. So what better way to gain some pounds for that perfect beach body than to...
Classy Gifts For Whiskey Lovers

8 Classy Gifts For Whiskey Lovers

Since Sloth has quite a few friends, who happen to love whiskey we had to scout for their Christmas presents. What we discovered was a vibrant world full of...
Puff Pastry Appetizers with Pears and Blue Cheese

Puff Pastry Appetizers with Pears and Blue Cheese – Sweet and Savory Delight

This time Sloth serves you something that's truly easy to make but which passes easily as a fine-dining experience. In front of you, lay our appetizers which can be...
Beef Noodle Dish

Easy Pork Noodle Stir Fry (Use Beef or Chicken, if You Like)

As we were daydreaming about tripping around in South-East Asia we always ended up on some crowded street with noodles cart scattered around. Sloth took it as a sign...
April food holidays

11 Weird and Fun Food Holidays in April

Here we all are, happy bunch of winter survivors! So, what would be the best way to greet springtime? As usual, the answer is eating and celebrating the National...
St. Patrick’s Cocktails

7 St. Patrick’s Cocktails (Warning! Hangovers Might Occur)

March 17, the day we're all little bit Irish. It doesn't matter we have no red hair or any Irish heritage whatsoever. It is a day to dance to...
Sweet potato dish

Sweet Potato Casserole With Sausage And Bell Peppers

We have the honor to introduce you to our sweet potato, sausage and bell pepper casserole. This healthy and tasty recipe blesses our taste buds pretty much every week....

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