About Us

Triin and Hendrik from Vibrant Sloth

Vibrant Sloth is a chilled-out blog created by designer Triin and copywriter Hendrik. Tired of our daily jobs we decided to take a step to the unknown and start a blog which reflects our personalities – slow and vibrant. That can also be seen in the name of the blog – vibrant, slo, Triin, Hendrik .

Our main goal is to write only about the things that interest and inspire ourselves first. We believe that only then you can create content which appeals to our audience also. So we hope you’ll find a lot of vibrant ideas, tips and tricks to sparkle up your everyday life.

Team Sloth truly wishes that you’ll find the same excitement reading our blog as we have found creating it.

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Our header picture throughout different social media platforms contains amazing artwork from Unsplash.com. We would like to give thanks to following very gifted artists:

Allef Vinicius, Arno Smit, Caroline Veronez, Dan Aragon, Dimitry Anikin, Ivan Diaz, Keilidh Ewan, Mike Dorner, Nik Shuliahin, Ryan Franco, Ryan Loughlin, Scott Rodgerson, Shane Rounce, Timothy Paul Smith, Yaroslav Blokhin, Kai Oberhauser. Sloth salutes you.