8 Classy Gifts For Whiskey Lovers

Classy Gifts For Whiskey Lovers

Since Sloth has quite a few friends, who happen to love whiskey we had to scout for their Christmas presents. What we discovered was a vibrant world full of whiskey-related gifts. In the process we got a bit lost and bought new whiskey glasses and ice stones for ourselves too. We’ll put them to good use, that’s a promise.

A bottle of good whiskey

1. A bottle of good whiskey

This one is a no-brainer because if there’s someone who can appreciate a bottle of excellent whiskey, it’s your whiskey loving friend. But there’s also a trick to it – your friend probably doesn’t like all kind of whiskeys. That means you should do a little research at least on the scale of the origin country of your bottled gift. There are also budget options clear and present – you can start with well under hundred dollars and pay up to tens and hundreds of thousands for a bottle.

Price range: High / Middle / Low

A set of whiskey glasses

2. A set of whiskey glasses

Unless your whiskey-loving friend happens to be a cowboy then it’s not that acceptable to chug whiskey from the bottle. Therefore a set of nice whiskey glasses is a perfect gift for that one whiskey-obsessed friend of yours. There’s so much to choose from – really expensive crystal glasses to a set of a novelty cups suitable for kids by the look of them. We strongly suggest to go for something more classy-looking.

Price range: High / Middle / Low

Globe whiskey decanter

3. Can’t miss with a decanter

When wine decanter is usually used for letting the dink breathe a little then whiskey decanters are meant for class and comfortability. Good decanters have a stylish design and are sturdy to hold. In a perfect world, your decanter should match the glasses.

Price range: High / Middle / Low

4. Whiskey in the jar minibar

Do you think Hugh Hefner had his whiskeys scattered around the house? Not likely. Neither should your dear whiskey fan keep his favorite drink on the kitchen shelf next to olive oil. Get him a minibar where he can keep his whiskey in a good neighborhood of wines and cognacs.

Price range: High / Middle / Low

Whiskey flask

5. Whiskey on the go, whiskey in the flask

There comes a time in a man’s life when he has to take some whiskey with him. A whole bottle sounds nice but is hard to fit in a pocket, isn’t it? Of course, it’s our old friend, the flask, to the rescue! Those handy pocket bottles come in various shapes and thousands of different looks. Choose wisely.

Price range: High / Middle / Low

Whiskey stones

6. Get your friend’s whiskey stoned

Chill it out without watering down. Some of us prefer our whiskey a bit colder. So if your friend happens to be that chilled whiskey guy, you can’t miss with whiskey stones (which can also be made out of metal). “Why not good ol’ ice?” you might ask. The answer is pretty logical – we want more whiskey and less water. The stones are also available in shapes of diamonds, bullets and hand grenades.

Price range: High / Middle / Low

Whiskey jewelry and accessories

7. Let’s wear whiskey – jewelry and accessories

Rings made out of Jack Daniel’s casks and cufflinks shaped like bottles. There’s plenty of neat accessories a whiskey connaisseur could wear. Be aware of the style of the accessories because you don’t want to buy your grandfather too blingy neck chain.

Price range: High / There’s not much of a middle ground here / Low

Whiskey books

8. Let’s read Whiskey (without Tango and Foxtrot)

As they say: “Reading is fundamental”. That also applies to the world of whiskey since there’s so much to discover. There has been a lot of whiskey-related writing done in the past so we have a library’s worth of information. Even if you’r friend isn’t that much into reading, the book still looks pretty awesome on the shelf.

Price range: High / Middle / Low

Sloth hopes that your gift brings your friend just as much joy as a sip of 20 year old single malt.

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