7 St. Patrick’s Cocktails (Warning! Hangovers Might Occur)

St. Patrick’s Cocktails

March 17, the day we’re all little bit Irish. It doesn’t matter we have no red hair or any Irish heritage whatsoever. It is a day to dance to jolly fiddle tunes (or some Irish punk, if you prefer this kind of music), have a ton of laughs and why not enjoy a few (dozen) sips of alcoholic beverages. St. Patrick’s cocktails (and a beer), to be more specific.

Without any more words let’s get on our green clothes, put on shamrock-shaped sunglasses and mix ourselves some St. Patrick’s cocktails with that famous Irish heart and soul.

1. Irish Car Bomb

Also known as Irish Slammer or Irish Bomb Shot is a legendary cocktail made of Guinness, Irish cream liqueur and a shot of Irish whiskey. While not an actual bomb the hangover next day can easily be measured in megatons. You had your warning :). The full recipe is waiting for you HERE at Thespruce.com.

Irish Car Bomb
Image from liquor.com

2. Tommy Gun

From bombs to prohibition-era firearms. Not too mellow start for our list. But hey, they’re just names for the St. Patrick’s cocktails. True, we have pretty killer cocktails in our hands. How to assemble the gun is shown you at Foodandwine.com.

Tommy Gun
Image from foodandwine.com

3. Pot O’Gold

Real leprechauns are hard to find and even harder to invite to your party. That’s why Sloth included a small trap to get those guys at your place. Of course, we’re talking about a pot of gold, this time in a form of a cocktail. How to combine Chartreuse, Grand Marnier, tonic, and edible gold flakes can be learned at Townandcoutrymag.com. Pro tip: make this cocktail right and it just might shoot rainbows out every direction.

Pot O’Gold
Image from townandcountrymag.com

4. Grasshopper

You don’t have to be Irish to dress in green and celebrate St. Patricks. That goes for this cocktail as well. With roots deep in the French part of New Orleans, this cocktail got picked for our list for that wonderful green color which screams “St. Patricks”. The ingredients are also quite distant from good ol’ Ireland – Creme de Menthe, Creme de Cacao and light cream. Learn how to fix yourself a Grasshopper from the masters of Mixthatdrink.com.

Image from thespruce.com

5. Green Beer

Everyone has that one friend who tries to stay away from hard booze. Yeah, that “Beer for me” kind of guy. Keep them close because they’re the guys who will make sure your wasted ass gets home safely. This drink isn’t too hard to fix, therefore it’s not too glamorous as well. Looks great, though. What you need is a pint of lager and few drops of green food coloring. Sloth found this green beer gem at Geniuskitchen.com. If your beer-loving friend finds green beer a little weird like Incredible Hulk in drag, then an honest pint of Guinness is always an option.

Green Beer
Image from Unslpash.com

6. Jameson Jello Shots

Irishmen too have to eat, don’t they? Before we get to potatoes and shepherd pies and stews let’s remind ourselves that it’s St. Patricks after all. That’s exactly why Sloth has some appetizers prepared for you (in form of St. Patrick’s cocktails, that is). A few fair warnings before you start making the whiskey jello shots: they’re not easiest to make, they look too nice to eat and once you eat them they get you drunk before you can mumble “Irshy jeller shoauts”. The full recipe is waiting for all you Patrick’s right here at Sugarandcharm.com.

Jameson Jello Shots
Image from Sugarandcharm.com

7. Irish Coffee

Everybody knows that coffee might be a good idea after having few too many. But since it’s St. Patrick’s after all, let’s look further than a regular combo of cream and sugar in our coffee. While your coffee is brewing find yourself some whiskey, whipped cream, and brown sugar. If it’s late already and you’re not looking for those caffeine induced tremors, it’s perfectly OK to go for decaf. Whiskey should still be regular stuff, not that non-alcoholic stuff (thank heavens it’s not too popular). The full recipe is waiting for you at Mixthatdrink.com.

Irish Coffee
Image from pexels.com

Here’s to St. Patrick, Ireland, friends, luck, and happiness! Have an awesome St. Patrick’s our friends! One more thing, don’t forget to get some whiskey-related gifts ;).

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