7 Sweet Kissing Rituals for Couples to Keep Your Relationship Alive and Happy

More kisses = healthier relationship

Kissing happens to play a fundamental role in relationships. Unfortunately, it’s quite easy to forget if you’re drowning in work, dealing with daily chores or you’re just not in the right mood. While all of those situations can be brought up as valid excuses for not following some kissing rituals, they shouldn’t stop you from keeping your relationship blossoming.

That’s just the reason we have listed some of the great moments throughout the day you can turn into small and sweet kiss-flavored traditions. There has been too much talking and nearly not as much kissing so far. Let’s get to our list then!

1. Good morning, hon… Good night, darling…

Even a small kiss could kickstart a perfect day and erase all the worries after a day full of shitstorms. That’s exactly the reason you shouldn’t get out of bed without a kiss. The same routine should be applied in the evenings when you’re ready to tuck in.

To keep those morning and evening kisses going your and your significant other’s sleeping schedules should match as much as possible. But researchers show that sharing the same resting routine only strengthens the relationship.

2. Hi, sweetie! Bye, Sweetie!

There is a probability that you aren’t chained to your partner. That means leaving each other for the working hours or maybe some other daily chores. You should celebrate those friendly mini breakups and get-togethers just like waking and sleeping we mentioned before.

So next time you say Hi or Bye to the sunlight of your days (or however you call your loved one), seal it with a kiss.

3. Bon appetit, you sexy thing

Eating. We all do it. Most of us even more than one time a day. Therefore, your meals are a perfect daily reminder to keep those kisses going. So next time you’re about to eat, start your meal with a lovely appetizer most of us call a kiss.

4. French Fresh kiss is the best kiss

A lot of couples share their sleeping schedules (that’s a good thing like we wrote earlier). That also means that you’ll share your toothbrushing schedules. That allows us to the conclusion that kissing after brushing your teeth is a perfect ritual for couples. Sloth guarantees you won’t get any more fresh kisses than after that daily minty mini spa for your teeth.

5. Show your feelings with kissing in public places

Sometimes you need to express your feelings on the street or in a public transport. Just to let the whole world and each other know you’re in love. Again, there are not much better ways to do so than a sweet kiss. No need to go full Frenchy with those public kisses, even a small one on the lips makes a whole mile of difference.

6. Virtual kisses throughout the day

We know that pixelated digital kisses are a sorry substitute for the real thing, but they still tie you tighter together as a couple. So, don’t be bothered by feeling like a teenager when showing your love via SMS or instant messenger.

Since English isn’t perfect for describing a sound of a kiss, it’s perfectly OK to go with small “Muah” here’n’there after every couple of hours. In our opinion emojis lack the strong feeling words have, but they get the thing done, so throw those yellow heart-eyed faces around also.

7. Whenever you feel like it

That’s the most important entry in our list! Everyone, who has been in love knows that almost every moment is perfect for a kiss. So, whenever you look at your spouse and feel that warm cozy tickle in your chest, don’t wait and go for that kiss. Small and cute or long and passionate, your choice.

Looking at the list, it seems there’s a lot of kisses to fit into 24 hours. But hey, is it really a problem when the one you kiss happens to be the most wonderful person in the world!


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