7 Beauty Trends Of 2018 We’ll See Everywhere

Vibrant Sloth - 7 Beauty Trends Of 2018 We'll See Everywhere

Something old and something new… And just like every year, we shouldn’t forget something borrowed and something in whatever color you choose. Beautiful 2017 is gone forever, and it’s time to look into the near future.  Here are our predictions and research results on what exactly will fill our Instagram feeds this year. So let’s get to those beauty trends of 2018 we will see skyrocketing all around us.

Metallica will still rock in 2018

Metallic looks will continue to guarantee you that slayer looks. The unforgiving iron maiden in you will be brought forward by choosing bold glittery lipstick in otherworldly colors. If you desire to look a little more subtle, it’s perfectly cool to look for those metal lips from clearer lip glosses.

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Touch of Goldfinger

Let’s move on from heavy metals to the precious ones – beauty trends of 2018 are straight from Fort Knox. It can be argued whether C-3PO or Rihanna made the golden looks, especially the highlighter, big but it’s here to shine through 2018.

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Vibrant dash of colors

This year we’ll see lots of colors but not quite that Cindy Lauper at Holi Festival way but a little bit more calculated. The perfect real estate on your face to paint is, of course, lips and eyelashes. Yeah, classic red lips are still here. But the more vibrant it is, the better it looks, would be Sloth’s advice.

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Holy eyelashes on Catwoman, Batman!

This year you’re welcome to try out those eyelashes that looked so good on 60’s Catwoman, or Twiggy if you prefer. Those clumpy eyelashes have been around for decades, sinking and rising in popularity. We think they’re coming up again as some of the catwalk appearances have indicated.

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It’s your looks that are on the line here

On the eyeliner to be more specific. 2018 is the year we should see lot’s of Amy Winehousesque cat eyes (goes perfectly well with the previous entry of our list). There’s also a possibility to take a step forward and use your eyeliner as an artists tool. That’s if you feel confident about drawing geometric shapes and pictures around your eyes.

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Hair accessories for the win (of that beauty contest)

Clips and bands and to hell with it, even scrunchies are awesome! Did we go too far with the scrunchies? Anyways, hair accessories are perfect to get your hair to stand out in the crowd with minimal effort. Want to go big – you have jewel-covered crowns and golden tiaras all ready and set, your highness.

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Blondes still have more fun

Yep, just like Marilyn Monroe said. Be sure you don’t go Scandinavian-elf-Nordic alien looking all the way blonde. Instead of that, 2018 sees blonde hair growing from dark roots. If choosing colors try to go with that warm reddish-gold instead of metallic-blue and therefore colder looking hair color.

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Stay classy, stay beautiful and
stay vibrant from January to December of 2018!


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7 Beauty Trends We´ll See Everywhere in 2018



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