6 Things We’re Definitely Going to Do when in Malta

Harbor of Malta

For Sloth it’s been almost a year full of work and no proper vacation. That’s going to change in May when we’re going to visit Malta. Wheeee! To be ready, we listed some of the things we want to do 100% while enjoying our time on this incredible Southern-European island. Our “When in Malta” itinerary turned out to be a delicate balance between beaches, culture, and food and that is the reason we thought all you other travelers are interested in it as well.

Without any more words, let’s hop on Air Malta plane and get to our vacation in Malta.

1. Swim in the blue Mediterranean

When your travel destination is surrounded by blue waves of the Mediterranean, it’s almost a sin not to dip in. Some might say that sea is a bit cold in May, but since Sloth comes from arctic Estonia, it won’t be a problem whatsoever.

The places we’re looking forward to swimming in are St- Peter’s Pool with its incredible cliff diving spots and blue lagoon with its indigo-colored water. What we also would consider is to swim pretty much in the middle of the city – there are some lovely bays to do that as well. If only there were a boat to do all that…

St- Peter's Pool in Malta

2. Go on a boat trip (with a stop on Gozo if possible)!

One of the must-dos is a boat trip around Malta with a quick stop in Gozo island, Blue Lagoon and a place where the legendary Azure Window stood until last year. The best part about a rented boat is the possibility to „pull over“ wherever you want to have a quick swim. Sloth plans to have at least five of those jump in and sail forward types of breaks.

Boat rentals might be quite expensive, reaching up to few thousand euros per day. But the boats in that price range carry up to 50 persons, so you’d better invite some friends as well. Also, there are cheaper options which make you feel equally like the prince of Monaco when passing an exclusive yacht harbor.

Harbor in Malta

3. Eat at a nice seaside restaurant

When we decided to visit Malta, the first thing the feminine side of Sloth, Triin, said was „Seafood; there must be seafood!“. The short answer is „Hell yeah!“. And after all, it’s not a huge surprise, Malta being an island and all. Hendrik, on the other hand, is looking forward to going for the roasted rabbit. Hope there won’t be any bugsbunnyesque shenanigans attached to it.

For a quick fix, we would like to try out Maltese specialty, a tuna and caper sandwich called Ħobż biż-Żejt (literally bread with oil), made with Ftira bread. Also, we’ve heard so much positive about Maltese pastries called Pastizzi which come in all kind of flavors.

Seafood Maltese pastries - Pastizzi

4. History of Malta is richer than Scrooge McDuck

There has been swimming, sunbathing and good food, what’s up next? How about some history! Malta is situated strategically between Europe and Africa, and that’s the reason there has been some epic stuff going on here through history. Templars, Romans, Arabs, Napoleon and the French, good old England – pick your conqueror and favorite cultural influence.

We’re especially looking forward to visiting the gardens of Valletta and narrow streets of ancient Mdina. Why stick with real history, we can visit some places familiar from one and only Game of Thrones as well while there!

Streets of Mdina Gardens of Valletta

5. Party? Why the hell not!

St. Julian’s is the town where one might enjoy a slick Martini after a hard day of going through museums. Or get hammered with tequila or bright cocktails. Your choice. St. Julian’s is an actual party Mecca of Malta with the possibilities to have a good time for every taste.

If you’re not much of a party animal, like Sloth most of the times, it’s still fun to wander on the vibrant streets of St. Julians and watch people having the time of their lives.

Festive cocktails

6. There’s probably a festival taking place

There are tens of towns and villages across Malta. Malta is a Catholic country. Now, if you add those two facts, you’ll get weekly festivals dedicated to different patron saints. Now, one might expect people were speaking in Latin, crying on the streets and other Passion of the Christ type of stuff. Nope! There are decorations on the houses, people dancing, jolly concerts taking place and usually, the Maltese can’t have a holiday without good old fireworks as a grande finale. Sloth approves!

Festval in Malta

Have you been to Malta? Are you planning to go there? Either way let Sloth know what you think about our picks!


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  1. Malta looks amazing! What I wouldn’t give to see those Game of Thrones filming locations. Preferably after I’d sipped on one of those cocktails!


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