6 Hot Fashion Trends of Spring 2018 (and 2 Items to Avoid)

6 Hot Fashion Trends of Spring 2018

Spring 2018 trends, what to do and which apparel to wear (worry-face)? We, the Sloths are known far from being high-end fashionistas. Nevertheless, we’re interested in what’s going on in clothing trends so we don’t look like our grandparents. For instance, before compiling this list we were quite sure we could slide through the spring and summer of 2018 in our Vans shoes and T-shirts with no flowers on them. Well, guess we weren’t wrong per se, but there are still some adjustments to be made in our wardrobes.

Let’s dig in and start exploring the couture a la carte trends for spring 2018! Oh, this post contains some affiliate links, so you know.

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1. Monochromatic. Make it right, make it bright!

The trends of spring 2018 are going to be bright and colorful, but one color at a time. So be ready and hoard your wardrobe full of monochromatic outfits to shine vibrantly until the autumn arrives. Sloth’s favorite colors are lilac, green, yellow, bright blue and always awesome red.

Even if you’re used to black, white, and gray there’s nothing to fear. Step out of your bland clothes and jump straight into a world of bold colors!


2. Transparency of tulle and silk

Spring 2018 fashion trends will stand out with transparency. At least judging by the amount of tulle at catwalks from New York to Milan. So be ready to show some skin and purchase some stand-out underskirts to go with you sheer looks of spring 2018.

Feeling bold enough? Great! That means you can flash some underwear or even some boob here and there. Beware, there’s a time an place for those sexy flashes and kids birthday parties, for example, are definitely not those occasions.


3. Flowers of springtime this year on your clothes!

If there’s a universal symbol for springtime it has to be the flowers. So it’s not a too huge surprise that flowers have also found their way to this year’s must-wear list. T-shirts, leggings, dresses, jackets accessories, and much more will see printed flowers this year. There’s no apparent reason to ignore this trend so start picking your favorite flowers (not literally this time) with the goal to wear them until autumn crashes in.

4. Checks and dots

Wrong are these people who have strict rules about wearing tartan, checks and plaids is a thing for the cold months of the year. Even more wrong are those who automatically mark these patterns as something only old people usually wear. This spring is checked and cross-striped even more than a wet dream of an average Burberry fan.

If you absolutely loathe the squares and stripes on your clothes, worry not! Polka dots are still/again a thing so feel free to dot up your springtime wardrobe. One last thing, try not to go overboard with different colors while picking out your dotted apparel.


5. If your wardrobe needs a shuffle, look for a ruffle

And the ruffles are back again (for the millionth time, it seems) to give your appearance that airiness and touch of glamour a la Prince (or Artist Formerly Known As Prince, if you prefer that smooth-sounding name). The ruffles on the shirts are OK and expected. What this spring really wishes to see are fluffy dresses drowning in ruffles. Feel free to snatch some inspiration from early years of disco or flamenco dancers.

6. Strap on your highest heels

You know what they call people who never wear heels? Men. Sorry for all the proud drag queens reading this, feel free to ignore our joke attempt. Back to our topic. Heels will be huge (both, figuratively And literally)  in the spring of 2018. To make things even more interesting you should look for some straps and sequins when picking the shoes to carry you through 2018.

The best part – forget about high-end dresses and costumes to support your Cinderella shoes. This spring will love high heels combined with ripped jeans, sweatpants and T-shirt dresses.


Denim overalls…  It’s all over (for this season)

Bye-Bye, for now, our dear denim overalls we loved to rock those few last years. So put them in the back of your wardrobe so the pants are ready in case you get pregnant in the next few years. If that’s not planned, it’s safe to say that there’s no reason to dig them out before at least five years has passed. Pro tip for true overall enthusiasts: there’s no fashion police patrolling your home on the lazy weekends ;).

If you want to prance around in denim, feel free to experiment with sets of different jean jackets, pants, and accessories.

Let your Skate shoes have a season off

Sloth loves its Vans but it seems that this year we should give them some rest. Just enough to stay under the radar of the fashion police. One way is to pull on a pair of running shoes, but that’s getting old also. A much better option is to raid your father’s shoe collection (for inspiration, not for actional shoes. Duuh) and get yourself a pair of dad shoes. Yeah, you all know those sneakers which look like a love child of running, tennis, and basketball shoes.

Enjoy your spring, ladies! May it be glamorous and full of envious glances aimed at you.


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