5 Things To Do When You’re Spending Christmas Alone

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At the end of the Christmas day, it doesn’t matter if you’re alone on the holidays by choice or unfortunate circumstances. You’re spending Christmas alone and that’s the hard truth. No that’s out of the way, let’s look at the bright side of it – you can make the most of being alone and have a wonderful time.

Instead of looking to distance and feeling sorry for yourself, you can put on a smile and do tons of fun stuff. So let’s get to our list of some stuff to make your Christmas merrier.

1. Become a Santa

Here we don’t expect you to grow a white beard and gain a few hundred pounds. There are other ways to spread kindness and that famous spirit of Christmas. For instance, you can volunteer at a soup kitchen or local food aid organization. Believe, the employees there are busy as a bunch of elves in November. If you want to become a secret Santa, think of some awesome gifts you can deliver to a children’s hospital or a retirement home.

2. You might become a master of DIY

Let’s quote Madonna or N.W.A here by saying “Express Yourself!”. There’s inner genius in all of us waiting to be released. Yo don’t have to start big – a paper snowflake here, a Picasso-inspired gingerbread there. Before you can notice, you are painting pallets and fixing yourself a Carrot osso buco and vegan eggnog. Who knows, maybe you’ll create a masterpiece. In that case, you should put your art on sale on the internet later. Don’t go for a price less than a thousand dollars ;).

3. Take a walk

Christmas Eve is the quietest time of the year on the streets since everyone’s inside, carving a turkey and whatnot. This is your chance to experience the familiar places in a totally different setting than usual. No noisy cars, no tourists, no locals just you. Oh, and one more thing – don’t forget to grab a camera because you can capture some pretty neat pictures!

4. Party time!

There are plenty of people like you who happen to spend their holidays alone for some reason. If there are people, there are at least few of bars or clubs open. Have yourself a merry little cocktail and dance with total strangers no matter their age. You are a grown human being and can dance with whom you wish. If you don’t fancy loud music and too many people you can go to a restaurant and treat yourself with a fancy feast. Don’t forget to tip your waiter since it’s not 100% certain that they’re too happy to be working. Your tip will lift their spirits a little bit.

5. Movies and gingerbread… In pajamas!

Remember when you were a kid and didn’t get proper clothes on before the end of holidays. Well, no one is watching or judging. You’re free to shuffle around in your slippers and your best pajamas from dawn until dusk and then some more. Why stop here? May your sofa become your nest made of pillows and fuzzy blankets! Put on some great holiday movies and bake yourself a pile of gingerbread. There also is one rule… You must have at least four cups of cocoa!

So who cares you happen to spend Christmas this year alone, it can still be just as fun!


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5 Things To Do When Spending Christmas Alone


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