5 Tasty Date Ideas. No Restaurants!

5 Tasty Date Ideas. No Restaurants!

What if we told you that you could have a date full of good tastes and awesome food without going to a restaurant. Yeah, it might sound a bit out there, but if you think about it, it’s totally possible! In this quick and tasty list, we explore the possibilities to enjoy a date and good food without the overcrowded restaurant and a hefty bill decorated with tips. These suggestions are well suitable for an idea for a first date or maybe a Christmas date. Well, it doesn’t matter much in which stage of your relationship your food date takes place because these date ideas have no expiration date. So surprise your partner and get ready for your excellent food date without any restaurants or cafes.

Without further introduction let’s get exploring these delightful, delicious and mostly quite cheap dinner date ideas.

1. Gather your own food

It’s time to switch on your hunter-gatherer mode and catch or pick up some dinner. For instance, go on a fishing trip. There’s something really connecting when a couple is sitting by the river or a lake in silence and waiting for that big catch. If you have forest or fields nearby why not take a hike there and pick some berries and mushrooms while you’re there. Attention! Please try to get familiar with the forest fruits and mushrooms before you start eating them. There’s no need for you to get food poisoning or hallucinogenic experience on your date.

If you’re afraid you don’t know too many berries and mushrooms to see the difference between edible and poisonous ones then it’s time to hit the farmer’s market. It’s the perfect way to save you some time and lose the fear of food poisoning while still having that feeling of gathering your own fresh and delicious food.

5 Tasty Date Ideas. No Restaurants! Gather your own food.
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2. Learn how to cook your food

One way to learn how to cook with your partner is to open up the best recipe books and read them together. Boring! You can also watch some cooking shows where some sad guy is fixing an omelet. Better, but also a bit boring. Here’s the best possible way to learn how to cook – lessons from a seasoned chef.

There is probably a ton of different culinary lessons taking place in your hometown monthly. In the past year, we have visited a Thai cuisine lessons, a workshop of ravioli and a bit bloody sounding butcher lessons where we learned quite a few things about preparing meat for oven and grill.

If you attend those lessons with your loved one, it can remarkably upgrade your culinary skill set. But even more important – you’ll have fun and create mutual memories for your book of life. Are you ready to get connected with your partner and acquire some cooking instructions to soon be a master chef at your own home? Sloth is ready!

5 Tasty Date Ideas. No Restaurants! Learn how to cook your food
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3. Food date at festivals and fairs

For our next date idea, we advise you to attend a local food fair or festival. It may be a street food festival in a vibrant hipster neighborhood or maybe a gathering of grilling masters at a local park. Potato festival of Middletown in the State of Nowhere, perhaps? The bottom line is that there are so many food-related events taking place you can attend. Move from stand to stand and dive into the ocean of different flavors and exciting new recipes.

Your tasty date doesn’t even have to take place at a food festival by name. For example, there are plenty of wine festivals taking place where they serve tons of delicious appetizers. Cheers and bon appetit!

5 Tasty Date Ideas. No Restaurants! Food date at festivals and fairs.
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4. Netflix & Chill

Turn on Food Network or find a great cooking show on Netflix and be ready to get inspired. There isn’t much difference if you choose to watch a cooking competition or a documentary about some legendary European restaurant. All food-related TV shows tend to spark something in your head also and believe us, next dinner you’ll make is something a bit more interesting than it usually is.

Our favorites are Chef’s Table, Anthony Bourdain world trotting TV shows and everything with Gordon Ramsay in it. But there’s plenty more so dig in!

Pro tip! If possible, try to avoid junk food while looking some of the best fine dining chefs doing their thing on TV. It might you feel a bit bad looking all those culinary masterpieces with a tired burger in one hand and some stale fries in the other. It goes without saying that fast food is bad for you even without that.

5 Tasty Date Ideas. No Restaurants! Netflix & Chill.

5. Make your own dinner

We saved the most popular for the last. Why is it even included in the list you might ask. The reason is quite evident if you approach homemade dinner as a date idea. Usually, there’s one half of a couple who is fixing the meal. Break that habit and try to make dinner together. It’s a great way to learn cooking tricks from each other and to get to know your partner better altogether.

Beware, it is not an easy task to fit two chefs into one kitchen. If you manage to do that and stay friendly in the process, it’s a great sign that you indeed have that synergy and understanding outside the kitchen as well.

5 Tasty Date Ideas. No Restaurants! Make your own dinner
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So here are your food date ideas.
Hope you enjoy some of them and share your ideas how to make those date ideas even better.


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5 Tasty Date Ideas. No Restaurants!



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