5 Signs You Should Take A Break From Instagram

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First of all, we don’t have anything against Instagram, quite the opposite – we’re just getting started! It’s nice to have a platform to keep up with an old friend or your favorite celebrities. But just like all things in this life Instagram should also be enjoyed in moderation. One of the possibilities is to limit your daily time scrolling through an endless flow of pictures. The other way we’re suggesting today is to go cold turkey and take a break from Instagram for some time. It’s possible that if you try it for a week you start to realize that you don’t need a daily approval of the others or that constant flow of visual information.

Take a look at the list below and see if you should consider a small detox.

1. Most of your interactions take place online

Believe us when we say that nice emotions are worth so much more in real life. But instead of complimenting a friend or a colleague face to face on her new haircut or incredible looking new glasses we do those double taps on Instagram. That’s a sure sign that for some reason like social anxiety or just a comfort from not interacting with people face to face is increasing our time on Instagram. Oh, and when you finally go out to get some lunch or dinner with your close ones the majority of time will be spent looking at status updates and stories. Let’s stop this. Our friends deserve better.

2. You are posting boring everyday stuff (no one cares about)

A lot of us tend to post even the most mundane stuff about your day on Instagram. “Look, a wall! Cloud shaped like my dog! A plastic bag in the wind!” And don’t even get us started on the food – we’ve been in a phase where even a single cookie wasn’t eaten without taking a photo evidence about it. That is extremely boring and annoying for your friends. You might even become a punchline for some of their jokes. There’s also another aspect to this – do you really want that creepy guy from your office to follow every step you take, every move you make. He’ll be watching you.

3. Your productivity is at its all-time low

Spent hours on Instagram mindlessly scrolling through your feed? Posted a picture and refreshed it endlessly to gather some likes and hearts? Thought a caption way too much longer than you should’ve? That’s OK, most of us have been there. This effect can be credited to social media’s superpower to rip you away from reality. Be honest and count all the times from the past few days when you find yourself being distracted from doing something important. It also affects our productivity when enjoying something – next time when at a concert, just look at all the people watching their favorite artist through the screen trying to capture that perfect shot but totally missing the moment.

4. You care too much about what people think about you

When scrolling through your feed you don’t usually see too many sad faces, dirty dishes or hideous looking haircuts. That’s a problem because the real world has its fair share of flaws and that’s exactly what makes life interesting and every moment unique. But everything’s perfect on Instagram. All you see is smiles, new clothes, perfect homes and beautiful children. The problem is so real it even has a logical name – Social Media Anxiety Disorder. Next time you feel low self-esteem about other people accomplishments remember that their not even your real friends but some dude from your old workplace or your classmate you haven’t seen in ten years. And it’s pretty much guaranteed that they’ll have some problems of their own (for Karma’s sake hope they don’t). So just let it all go and focus on your own goals and dreams.

5. You might be somewhat addicted

It’s true that one man’s hobby is another man’s addiction. That also applies when it comes to Instagram. There’s nothing wrong with occasional scrolling and giving hearts for the photos shared by your friends. But if your fear of missing out paralyzes your ability to handle your own obligations and daily chores and assignments there might be a bigger problem. So before it’s too late take your time spent on social media under control and take a break from Instagram.

We can’t help it. Everyone’s on Instagram and that’s understandable.
We want to share our experiences, we want to feel connected, we want to feel liked and loved. And, again, this is totally normal. In limited amounts.


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5 Signs You Should Take A Break From Instagram


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