5 “Shut Up” Moments In Relationships

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Talking with your partner is a fundamental part of a healthy relationship. But there are also some moments when choosing the quiet way is a right path to follow. Here are our thoughts about the critical minutes when it’s better to have a nice warm cup of shut the hell up rather than to find the right words. Let’s get to it!

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1. When comforting your partner

When feeling down people don’t want to hear verbal rationalization of their problems. At that moment the advice or assertions that everything will be okay aren’t also necessary. It is also pointless to ask what’s wrong. The bottom line is that something has happened and your task is to offer the best kind of support – silent. So prepare your best hugs and be ready to serve them to your sad or upset partner.

2. When trying to help

When you see that your partner has picked up a task like doing dishes or cleaning dust from the shelves pull your sleeves up and assist. Do it without words because that’s the right way to do it. You definitely don’t want to be horizontal on the couch while asking lazily: “You need help with that?”. Of course, he/she does need a hand to get the unpleasant tasks out of the way. If there’s a thing that two persons can’t do simultaneously, like vacuuming, find yourself some other stuff to do, just to show your significant other that you care enough to get your hands dirty.

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3. When your partner seems tired

A long day at the office has finally ended. So you arrive at home just to hear your hyperenergetic partner crack up some stupid jokes or tell about some trivial stuff going on at his/her workplace. The moment you see that “I need some space” look on your spouse’s face be ready to provide the space and some mixture of Peace’n’Quiet. Verbally poking your exhausted partner can quickly lead up to next item on our list.

4. When having an argument

It takes a great personality to hold back their words when arguing with someone. Especially when you know you’re right. So next time you find yourself in a quarrel with your spouse try to find that Buddha-like inner peace and hold back your harsh words. Calm approach keeps the argument from escalating and paves the way for a constructive conversation essential for solving the problems. The sentence you most definitely shouldn’t say in an argument is the most usual one: “Calm down.” There have been no recorded cases in human history when someone has been calmed down after hearing that.

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5. When feeling in love

So we saved the big one for last. You know the feeling, that deep-deep happiness and warmth inside that only the person you love can ignite. And if you’re sure that he/she feels the same way about you too then don’t try to spoil it all by saying something stupid like “I love you” (thanks, Mr. Sinatra). Love expresses itself through acts instead through words. That’s why you should show your feelings at a glance, a hug or a kiss. If the feeling of love accompanies you all day long, feel free to express your feelings through a planned act – a lovely gift or a candlelight dinner.

Sloth hopes you got down the moments when the silence is golden. Have a nice mute-mode!


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5 “Shut Up” Moments In Relationships



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