7 Cocktails in Red, White, and Blue to Celebrate the 4th of July with a Bang!

4th of July cocktails

Last time when Sloth did research on cocktails we were getting green and ready for St. Patrick’s. This time we present you more fireworks, after all, it’s, 4th of July that needs celebration. We, the people of Vibrantsloth.com are not Americans ourselves, but we still love summer, fireworks, and grilling burgers in the backyard. Did we forget to mention cocktails? Sloth also loves cocktails. Here, we said it.

Keep on reading to get a taste of some of the most fabulous cocktails to come in red, white, and blue.

1. Boozy Red, White, and Blue Snowcones

Snow cones used to be THE thing in the summers a decade or more ago, wasn’t it so? Sloth assures you that you don’t have to be a kid to have a go at those good old snow cones. All you have to assemble is some ice, sugar, rum, blue curacao, strawberries, and lime. Mere 15 minutes of your time and you’re ready to let it snow, let it snow, let it snow… Want to try it for yourself? Clinton Kelly has written down a detailed recipe. Find it HERE.

Image by clintonkelly.com

2. Red White and Blue Strawberry Jello Shots

Not all cocktails come in a liquid form. Most popular proof of that are jello shots, of course. The recipe we found for you turns it up a notch by adding strawberries to the mix. The result is tasty and pleasantly boozy. Ready to try it? Tablespoon.com will gladly guide you through the process.

Image by Tablespoon.com

3. All American Daiquiri

What is better than a glass of Daiquiri? That’s an easy one since everybody knows that a whole jar full of Daiquiri is the right answer. Since it’s the fourth of July, lets color it up in the palette of Stars and Stripes! The result is a delightful celebration of tequila, rum, Triple Sec, whipped cream, and more. A jar full of daiquiri a la American is waiting for you at Chilled.com.

Image by Chilled.com

4. Frozen Triple Berry Smoothie

While Sloth likes cocktails, we also know and believe that alcohol isn’t a foundation of fun. That’s why we included a healthier red, white and blue cocktail on our list. From Katrina’s Kitchen we found a beautifully layered smoothie cocktail full of good flavors and vitamins. Learn how to fix that symphony of triple berries right HERE.

Image by Katrina’s Kitchen

5. Fourth of July Layered Shots

All you need for this eye-catching and awe-inspiring shots is grenadine, Blue Curacao and Cream liquor (or vodka, if preferred). Lay the ingredients into a, and you’ll be guaranteed to have your own personal fireworks going. Beware, just like real fireworks, it might get out of hand if treated irresponsibly. Find the recipe for this layered shot at Mixthatdrink.com.

Image by Mixthatdrink.com

6. Enough of Whining, Let’s Get Wining.

If beer is boring and the cocktails seem a little too heavy hitting, why not consider wine for this 4th of July? A Star-spangled Sangria, to be more specific. The result is a fizzy spectacle of berries, apples, ice, and wine (duh!). Sloth found this incredible recipe from Gimmesomeoven.com.

Image by Gimmesomeoven.com

7. Everything Clear Goes with Some Ice and Berries

If everything else fails, you can always rely on the blue and red color gamma of blueberries and strawberries. This solution seems to work best with clear cocktails like Skinny Bitch or Gin & Tonic. As easy as the idea may be, it’s always to follow some instructions. Here you go, as provided by 2eat2drink.com.

Image by 2eat2drink.com

O say can you see a list of incredible cocktails? Sloth sure did! Have an excellent fourth of July and don’t hurt yourselves with either fireworks or too much celebrating with them colorful drinks. Have a lovely holiday, Y’all!

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