10 Delicious Vegan Christmas Dinner Recipes

Vegan soup

Turkey! Goose! Beef! Roasted pork! Those are some of the most popular answers when someone has to describe their Christmas menu. But what about doing something unusual (for the most people anyway)? What if let the meat mind their own business in some anonymous farm and go full vegan Christmas this year? Do it well and your guests won’t even realize there’s no birds, animals or fish invited to join the feast. Without further talking let’s get to business!

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Buttersquash soup

1. Roasted parsnip and butternut squash soup

How does soup sound for a starter? Well, here comes the one and only roasted parsnip and butternut squash soup! This creamy dream is just what your friends and family need to get the dinner going. True, there are quite a bit of ingredients but once you have gathered them all the cooking will be a piece of cake. Thanks for the recipe, My Darling Vegan.

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Faux gras pâté

2. Faux gras pâté

The poor geese have sacrificed enough for the history of holidays, so forget foie gras. Let us introduce to its cool vegan cousin faux gras. Be ready to have quite a shopping list and some free time for this gourmet starter. Detailed recipe of this French-style pâté was written down by David Lebovitz.

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Carrot osso buco

3. Carrot osso buco

How on earth can anyone make vegan osso buco, which basically is pretty much just braised veal shanks? The solution is quite simple when you prepare some carrots, onions, porcini mushrooms red wine some herbs and various spices. The result is an Italian-inspired plateful of awesomeness. The recipe is available for studying at Food & Wine.

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Spicy potato casserole with tofu “chorizo”

4. Spicy potato casserole with tofu “chorizo”

Let’s spice things up with a decent and delicious gluten free and casserole. This one is great serving for those guests who like that extra hot-hot-hot in their mouth. To replace the spicy Spanish sausage we have invited tofu to represent it in this heart-warming dish. For this interesting and inspiring casserole, you can thank Kelly from One Green Planet. Thanks, Kelly!

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Artichoke and wild mushroom strudel

5. Artichoke and wild mushroom strudel

Good things need time and effort but the golden-crusted result will make it so worth it. This restaurant-worthy dish can be served with salad or potatoes but as we all know it’s heavenly tasty even all by itself. Check out the full recipe at Vegan Recipe Club.

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Rosemary potatoes

6. Rosemary roasted potatoes

Let’s go on with the basics. If you’re going to skip meat this Christmas, then for the sake of baby Jesus at least have some potatoes. Fortunately, we found potatoes so awesome you’re not even going to miss the turkey at all. So for this home-like side dish you only need some potatoes (what a surprise), rosemary, garlic, salt’n’pepa and olive oil. The full recipe is waiting for you at the inspiring vaults of Delish.com.

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Vegan gravy

7. Vegan gravy

You didn’t think we forgot the gravy, did you? For a rich, delicious silky & smoothy (not our words) you need quite a variety of ingredients but the stunning result will be totally worth the hassle. Believe us, your main dish and your tasting buds will thank you. Oh, and you probably have heard about the chef called Jamie who taught us this great recipe. The secret to vegan gravy waits for you at Jamieoliver.com.

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Spiced hot fruit bake

8. Spiced hot fruit bake

We really hope you saved some room for the dessert because you don’t want to miss this incredible explosion of fruits. Pears, apples, cranberries, pineapple, [insert all the fruits of your choice], agave, (vegan) butter and spices is pretty much all you need. Oh, and as a bonus, baking this delight will fill your house with Christmas smell you all remember from childhood. We found this simple but oh so delicious dessert at Cotter Crunch.

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Christmas pudding

9. Christmas pudding

If your family isn’t that much into the fruit thing then how about some pudding which is as vegan as vegan goes. The authors of this recipe guarantee that the process of making a pudding is pretty straightforward for even those who have never steamed a pudding before. The full instructions for this nice Christmas pudding can be found at The Vegan Society.

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10. Vegan eggnog

Every Christmas tree needs a star at the top and every Christmas dinner needs a grande finale in form of a glorious eggnog. “What about the milk or eggs in your nog?” you may ask. “Whoop-whoop, you don’t need ’em!” is Sloth’s answer. Get yourself some cashews, coconut milk, maple syrup, dates and some salt and nutmeg. Easy to follow instructions were shared by gifted Julia at The Roasted Root.

Whether you’re already a (holiday) seasoned veteran of veganism or taking the first steps on the meat-free path, Sloth wishes you all delicious Christmas.

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10 Vegan Christmas Dinner Recipes


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