10 Christmas Decorations Made Of Extremely Usual Objects

Strange christmas ornament

You know what they say about one man’s trash being other’s Christmas decorations. Yeah, that was bit harsh, but also somewhat true. You sure don’t have to spend tons of money for holiday decorations. A Little bit of glue, Led light strips and the spirit of DIY will take you far as you are soon a proud owner of some awesome, unique and dirt cheap Christmas decorations.

Picture from virginiasweetpea.com
Winecorc ornament

1. Wine corks

Next time your dinner is accompanied by a bottle of good Shiraz don’t let the trash can have the cork. Few more dinners and you’ll have a solid collection of corks which now can be turned into neat Christmas decorations. For example, gifted people from Look Beyond The Picket Fence have turned corks into an army of snowmen, which can be found HERE. If you fancy something more traditional you can go for THIS snowflake ornament created by Virginiasweetpea.com.

Picture from amysdelights.blogspot.com.ee
Pinecone xmastree

2. Pinecones

Pinecones can be lovely part of your holidays and not just when crackling in the fireplace. So take a walk in the woods and gather yourself a basketful of the pine fruit (not to be confused with pineapple). For instance, how about making this cute miniature Christmas tree. Thanks to Amy’s Delights for those. Or maybe THIS wreath created by Doityourselfdivas.com. Sloth has this awesome wreath hanging up all year around. No regrets so far.

Picture from Smartgirlsdiy.com
Stick elfs

3. Sticks, branches and twigs

While browsing the forest for pinecones you might as well grab some sticks too. Just like pinecones, the branches can also bring joy even when not thrown into a fireplace. For instance let’s make an alternative Christmas tree as seen on Homedit.com among many others. If you forgot to pick the sticks or were too quick to burn them, grab some logs and turn them into a merry group of Santa Clauses like instructed by Smartgirlsdiy.com.

Picture from theribbonretreat.com
Clothespin wreath

4. Clothespins

“Clothespins? Sloth, you’re having a laugh!” Well, you can make a fabulous and functional wreath out of handful of clothespins, glue and some cloth. The functional aspect comes to play when you’re looking for a place to put all your Christmas cards. Sloth found this neat DIY trick from Theribbonretreat.com.

Picture from masonjarcraftslove.com
Home made snowglobe

5. Jars and bottles

We are totally in love with this cute home-made snowglobe. Just look at that miniature car trying to get the three home for holidays. It’s awesome when decorations are telling a story, isn’t it! Instructions for this neat snowglobe are written by Linda from Masonjarcraftslove.com. When you have some empty bottles clinging around then give them a complete makeover as guided by Cleverly Inspired.

Picture from thriftyfun.com
Old car tire snowman

6. Old car tires

There are some people who believe that retired car tires are great alternative for firewood. Sloth strongly advises not to try that theory out in your fireplace. Instead, grab three tires, paint them white and turn all that rubber into an all year round snowman like seen at Thrifty Fun.

Picture from redheadcandecorate.com
Pallet christmas tree

7. Pallets

Pallets are usually made from wood. Now we’re gonna use some magic of DIY and turn them into trees again. There isn’t a better way to do it than crafting a nice Christmas tree. If you need some hints and inspiration to do that feel free to look at this awesome creation or Redhead Can Decorate.


8. Plastic cups

Plastic cups can be filled with eggnog or Led lights, the choice is all yours. If you went for the latter option you can learn some tricks from Gaspar Muniz on Youtube. So get your supplies and let there be light!

Picture from artycraftykids.com
Paper plate elfs

9. Paper plates

This one is great DIY project you can try with kids as it is easy, impossible to mess up and doesn’t involve any chainsaws or blowtorches. All you need is some paper plates, water paints, cotton balls, glue and scissors. Soon you have all the elves you need to decorate your walls. Sloth found this kid-friendly project at Arty Crafty Kids.

Picture from simplytaralynn.com
Gingerbread ornaments

10. Gingerbread

Ooh, this one’s hard because everybody knows that gingerbread will be eaten before it can even cool down. If there’s a way you should try to resist the temptation and save some of the ginger cookies for lovely decorations. Get inspired by the ornaments made by Taralynn in her self-titled blog Simply Taralynn.

So here you have it, the proof that almost everything can be used to
bring that perfect holiday spirit to your home. Sloth wishes you all crafty Christmas!


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10 Cgristmas Decorations Made Of Extremely Usual Objects


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