10 Essential Gadgets To Travel With

10 Essential Gadgets To Travel With

Sloth yearns to visit far off exotic locations. It’s as if these places are summoning us to explore their beauty and rich culture. It’s a fact that traveling can not only be a form of education but an experience, one which gets engraved in our memory for years to come. However, one thing that always gets us rattled before travel, whether you travel rarely or are a regular globetrotter, is what to pack and how to travel light. The best plan is not only to travel light but to travel smart. While exploring the world one shouldn’t forget the essential traveling gadgets that make globetrotting comfortable.

If you’re traveling anytime soon and your thoughts on what to pack are in chaos then put your mind to ease. Sloth has compiled a list of 10 essential pieces of technology to travel with. Our selection includes some useful travel gadgets that will help you in your travels for sure. So let’s get to it!

Battery Bank

1. Battery bank

Since a few years now, we have become dependent on technology for our daily needs. Whether it is your smartphone, GoPro, DSLR’s or smart watches. It turns out that we really can’t travel without these devices. The only issue is no matter how advanced these devices are they are power hungry and drain battery which can cause inconvenience during your travels. Power banks or Battery Banks have revolutionized the world and solved this ever-increasing demand of keeping your devices charged on the go. Not only are Power Banks portable and easy to carry. They can be easily recharged by connecting to any USB port.

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HDMI cable

2. HDMI cable

Although most of us travel with our laptops, sometimes while living in a hotel or resort, one gets that urge to watch a movie or your latest images on a larger screen. Most hotels have a large screen TV monitor available. Here is where your very own HDMI cable will do wonders. A good HDMI will not only connect to most monitors but will give you the luxury to check out the photographs you took or to simply watch a movie in high definition on a much larger screen than the one attached your laptop. Many HDMI cables now come with built-in ethernet so that you won’t need an extra cable for internet connectivity.

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3. Adapter/converter

The Most irritating thing after a long haul of flights is when you check in to your hotel, tired and hungry. You try to reach for the socket to plug in your handheld devices, only to find out that your adapter is not compatible with the sockets. This is the reason adapters and/or converters have made our list. Not only will a good adapter help you but most good quality adapter out there has an option to connect multiple devices and charge them simultaneously. Some branded adapters are universal and can be connected to any socket. So plan ahead and pack yourself a reliable adapter.

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4. Quality headphones

Long flights during your travel can be a buzzkill, and it only gets worse when there are some noisy kids or snoring senior citizen on the plane. Nowhere to escape from the noise, stuck in your seat for the duration of the flight, there can be no better escape than a good pair of noise cancellation headphones. Not only will you get peace of mind but some good music from noise canceling headphones can put you back in high spirits and a good mood. For these reasons, one must plan ahead and pack a good pair of quality headphones.

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Bluetooth Speaker

5. Bluetooth speakers

When it comes to travel how we can forget about Bluetooth speakers. You may be wondering why a set of Bluetooth speaker should be added to Top 10 essentials list of travel tech, but the answer is quite simple. Ever went on a hike or a simple trekking expedition or maybe a picnic and found yourself glancing at an amazing sight that screams for a soundtrack? Here’s where a good set of Bluetooth speakers will come in handy, whether it’s a picnic point on top of a majestic mountain or simply the sitting room of your hotel suite, Bluetooth speakers can be the cherry on top with some good music on. They are easy to carry, and can easily connect to your smartphone or iPod. This compact gadget can lighten up any place as they have high definition sound output.

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    Swissbit Swiss Army

6. Pocket knife

You don’t have to be McGyver for this one. Sloth felt that somehow a travel essentials list seems incomplete without a pocket knife since the word pocket knife has been synonymous with travel. The most famous of these have always been Swiss Army pocket knives, as they have all the essentials such as nail clippers, small knives, screwdrivers, and a set good quality scissors. For this list, however, we have chosen a unique pocket knife with an extra added feature. Easily available on Amazon the Swissbit Swiss Army 1GB USB Flash Drive has made our list of for a few reasons. Although it has all the benchmark Swiss Army tools, but also a few neat extra features such as white led light and a 1GB USB hard drive which can come in quite handy during traveling.

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7. SteriPen

Traveling to another country can sometimes be scary for all the right reasons. SteriPen has to be on your priority list when packing for travel to some of the not so developed areas of the world. Being one of the essential travel gadgets you will need, SteriPen is a single hand-held pen-like device that purifies water and kills 99 percent of the germs. Plan ahead and pack a SteriPen Adventure Opti UV water purifier so you can stay hydrated from even a river if needed.

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Inflatable Light

8. Solar powered Inflatable light

Whether it’s an exotic forest retreat or if you’re simply traveling to a coastal location, it’s always better to pack a good quality light source. We recommend the LuminAID solar powered Inflatable light. Available on Amazon for a mere $23.65 this extraordinary device is made up of a very strong material and is extremely light when it comes to weight. It charges from solar power and can be used in dark places while hiking or camping. Initially designed for the Haiti earthquake victims during power outages, this solar powered light has proved to be an essential Travel gadget for a smart traveler.

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9. GoPro

No trip is complete without photos or even better, video clips, of your latest adventure. So it doesn’t matter if one gets the urge to cease the scenic views or simply capture some memories to show your loved ones once you get back home. Sure your cell phone is a good option for taking photos, but any die-hard globetrotter will tell you that a good GoPro camera is a must-have, during your travels. For you never know when you stumble upon the most exotic scenic landscapes and have to capture them. Jungle, the Alps, desert or bottom of the ocean – GoPro will be your reliable partner.

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Selfie Stick

10. Selfie stick

Although a selfie stick looks quite silly, awkward and rather conspicuous, it does have its pros when it comes to traveling. Here’s why a selfie stick has topped our list of travel essentials: it’s easy to carry, you can get extraordinary photo angles from it, the stick eliminates the need to ask strangers for help when taking a photo, and last but not least it is great for taking landscape photos or simply a group photo with a large number of people. Whether a person loves photography or not, we all have that instinct to capture that perfect moment for those sweet memories. No better time to capture these moments but when you travel. Any travel is incomplete without the proper photography accessories, and a selfie stick is one of them.

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Sloth feels that now you’re all ready and set to discover the world.
Don’t forget to take loads of photos to give your friends that Shrek shade of jealous green.


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10 Essential Gadgets To Travel With


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