10 Boozy Hot Cocktails To Keep Your Winter Warm

Hot Drinks

As a kid, cold days meant warmіng mugs of hot chocolate and tea. Sloth stіll reaches for cocoa and warm cіder when іt gets cold, but nowadays we sometimes open up the lіquor cabinet also. Whіle there’s nothіng wrong with addіng just a shot of rum or whіskey to your mug, remember that you can treat hot drinks just as you would any other sophіstіcated cocktaіl. So іf you want to warm yourself up wіth a little flaіr, check out some of those interesting recіpes for hot toddіes, boozy cіders and cocoas, or another hot cocktail of your choice.

Picture from carolinagirlcooks.com
Earl Grey Hot Toddy

1. Earl Grey Hot Toddy

Our first choice in this list of hot drink is a gift from a wonderful southern-themed food blog Carolina Girl Cooks. In cold times tea with some honey and lemon is good. Bourbon is even better. Combine the power of aforementioned elements and you’ll get a nice warm drink with that little bit of a boozy punch. Find the full recipe right HERE.

Picture from seriouseats.com
Tequilamint tea

2. Tequila Mint Hot Chocolate

While being a go-to place for wonderful food ideas, Serious Eats also brings us some serious drink recipes. So today we share you one of them which hopefully brings that Mexican-spirited “Ay Caramba!” to heat up your cold winter. All you need for this hot cupful is some tequila, peppermint schnapps, cocoa powder, milk and few more common ingredients. The complete recipe for this Mexican-themed warm cocktail can is waiting for you HERE.

Picture from realsimple.com


3. Mulled Wine With Cranberries

This really simple cocktail is from the vaults of Realsimple.com. All you need is a handful of cranberries, some juice pressed from the same unique berries, few cups of dry wine and some sugar, cinnamon and anise. How-to for this hot cocktail walking on the sour side is waiting for you right HERE.

Picture from delish.com
Hot Night in Normandy

4. Hot Night In Normandy

This European-sounding cocktail was introduced to the world by the crafty bartenders of ONE Midtown Kitchen in Atlanta, Georgia. Some of the ingredients of this heart and soul warming delightful drink include cider, calvados, white rum and various spices so you’d have to do some shopping and preparations for this one. But the result is totally worth it! The recipe we’d like to sahre with you was written down by the staff of Delish.com.

Picture from wellplated.com
Slow Cooker Spiced Wine

5. Slow Cooker Spiced Wine

Yeah, wine can be an awesome companion for your dinner. The same goes for cold Riesling or Sangria on a hot summer day. “But what about winter?” you may ask. “Sure!” is what Sloth answers. Wellplated.com has us covered with this spiced wine which instead of oak casks will mature in your slow cooker. Learn the secrets of this warm drink HERE.

Picture from Thekitchenismyplayground.com
Hot Buttered Rum

6. Hot Buttered Rum

Contrary to a popular belief you don’t have to be a pirate to allow yourself some joy from rum. Tracey from Thekitchenismyplayground.com has graced us with this comfort-drink to keep us warm in those winter nights filled with blizzards and frost. The recipe to fill your tummy with rummy is waiting for you HERE.

Picture from thegentelmansjpurnal.com
Hunters Tea

7. Hunter’s Tea

There’s absolutely nothing wrong with a shot of Jägermeister to keep you warm in the snow. But if you have an access to hot water and black tea, maple syrup, lemon juice and orange marmalade you’re all set to become true Wintermeister. The complete recipe is provided to us by Thegentlemansjournal.com.

Picture from thespruce.com
Blueberry Tea

8. Blueberry Tea

It is known that blueberries are one of the cornerstones of Nordic ski culture, because there is no ski marathon taking place without a hot blueberry soup for the contestants. Therefore we offer you the taste of blueberries with a boozy touch and without any pressure to step into your ski boots. Full recipe by the team of The Spruce is for you to be found right HERE.

Picture from globaltableadventure.com
Hot Honey Lemon Vodka

9. Hot Honey Lemon With Vodka

Globaltableadventure.com was our source of this cocktail consisting a famous Russian breakfast – vodka. In addition to the booze, his hot cocktail also needs some lemon, honey and cinnamon to be ready to drink. Learn how to make this Russian holiday drink right HERE.

Picture from thespruce.com
Hot Apple Pie drink

10. Hot Apple Pie

All the flavors of home-made apple pie could be fit into a cup, can you believe that?! This wonderful warm cocktail was also found on The Spruce. This easy enough recipe consisting of some Tuaca, apple cider, whipped cream and cinnamon is waiting for you right HERE.

So that’s it! Sloth wishes you all a warm winter and reminds you not to get
too friendly with some of the more punch-packed cocktails on the list ;).


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10 Boozy Hot Cocktails To Keep Your Winter Warm


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